About Bob Acettullo

About Bob Accettullo

Bob Accettullo Boston Videographer  Bob Accettullo Boston Video Shoot

Bob began his career in the pro audio business working as product specialist at dbx inc. in Newton, Ma. He's assisted many of the worlds most prestigious sound companies and recording studios worldwide solving problems for the heavy hitters like Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones. In the mid 80s, Bob took his audio recording skills to the next level and began shooting and editing video. He's shot and edited thousands of productions. His work has been featured on network TV, VH-1 and the Today Show.

He's highly creative behind the camera as well as in the studio editing.  His low-keyed personality and people skills allow him to shoot relaxed - natural looking interview video.

His recent work includes films with DSLR equipment for Toyota, the orthodontic industry, historic churches, the medical industry and more.

Bob serves as President of the New England Professional Videographers Association  (NPVA)  and frequently shares his knowledge with members and peers.