7 More Tips: How to Make and Use Video for Facebook Social Media Marketing

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7 More Tips: How to Make and Use Video for Facebook Social Media Marketing

How to make videos for FacebookPreviously, we published 5 tips to help you make effective Facebook videos for your social media marketing. Those tips were the basics, but there’s more to know about videos and Facebook. Here are 7 more tips that will help you make and use video on Facebook - effectively and efficiently.


Tip #1: DON’T aim for highly-produced videos

Many marketers get hung up on perfection. And for certain applications, high video production values are crucial. But when it comes to social media, authenticity trumps polished production values. This doesn’t mean your videos can look like crap – keeping your video production at a baseline quality level is important. And it’s not that hard. For Facebook, you can absolutely use an iPad to make a quick, authentic video and upload it to Facebook, if you know a few basics. (FYI, iPads make great-looking video.)

Authenticity means the video reflects a real situation, with real people. Facebook is where conversations happen, and conversations are not rehearsed and scripted. They are not slick. They just happen. For the videos you regularly post to Facebook, authentic should be the look you are going for. So learn a little bit about the basics of good video production (such as adding a little light if your subject is dark, starting and ending with a smile, properly framing your subject, etc.). Then, point your iPad at a person in your company, or a customer, and let that person start talking. Or point the iPad at something interesting, and talk about what we’re seeing.

If you’re creating more polished marketing videos, you can post those as well, but make sure they are the minority, and that you accompany them with text that acknowledges that they are marketing videos. Something like: "We love our latest product demo video. What do you think?"


Tip #2: DON’T film something happening without telling us what we’re seeing

Every once in a while we come across a video that’s a little frustrating. The caption says something like, “Our new machine in action” and the video shows a machine doing something. But what is the machine doing? Why is it interesting? Why should I get excited about it and want to share it?

Without a voice on your videos, telling me the story of what I am seeing, chances are pretty good that I'm not sure what’s happening. Or maybe I can see what’s happening, but want you to tell me the story:  why it’s important, what the context is, etc. It’s unusual to see a video that works without a voice that tells me what I’m seeing, so make sure you include narration.  This means either shooting a person standing next to your machine and talking, or else doing the talking yourself as you’re shooting your machine in action.


Tip #3: DO ask for Likes and Shares

Ask for Likes with Facebook videosA friend of mine from Maine constantly reminds me of the magic of asking (I guess it's a Maine thing). And she’s right – when you ask for something, people generally give it to you if it costs them nothing to do. So don’t be shy about asking people to share your videos, and like your page.

If you don’t believe in the magic of asking, run an experiment: post a couple videos without asking people to share, and then post a couple with asking for shares. See what happens.


Tip #4: Experiment to find out what kind of videos to make

Your goal should be to find out what kind of videos your fans like, because you’re trying to make your fans happy. How do you find out what kind of videos do that? You run experiments, and you measure results.

So come up with some ideas about different kinds of videos, and make those. Post them, and see what happens. How many views do you get? How many shares?

If you’re stuck on different kinds of video to make, here are some ideas:

  • Videos of your customers telling funny stories about using your product
  • Videos of your customers telling what they like about your product
  • Videos of people in your company working on your product
  • Videos of people in your company giving quick educational tips
  • Videos of people in your company volunteering at the local animal shelter, or cleaning up trash at the side of the road, or playing basketball in the after-work league
  • Etc.

Here’s a hint: showing lots of people in your videos is one way to increase views and shares, because people love to see themselves or their co-workers and friends in videos, and will share those videos with other co-workers and friends.


Tip #5: Make sure your videos are aimed at your community, not at the world

While it's fun to get lots of likes and shares, your goal should be to get likes and shares specifically from your community of current and potential customers and referral sources. So don't give in to the temptation to just make everybody happy with cute puppy videos that make everyone smile and share. You ARE running a business, and while your videos may be funny or cute, they need to do serious work for you. Don't focus on your products in a commercially way (because people hate commercials) but do make videos that have something to do with your business or products. 


Tip #6: Experiment to find out what kind of text works with your videos

Here’s where it’s easy to drop the ball: you make a great little video, but then you’re not quite sure what to say about it so you just say, “Here’s our latest video.”  

WRONG! You’re trying to get people to watch it, like it and share it, AND engage with your page, so you need to say something enticing. Like “Watch this video – you’ll be amazed at this tip!” or “You won’t believe what happens at 45 seconds” or “We think this is awesome, but you’re the experts. What do you think?”

I am a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel, and when I need inspiration I look at those who are doing it right. One site is Upworthy, which collects feel-good videos and posts them on Facebook every day. They have figured out the art of writing compelling text – so take a look at how they do it and then figure out how your text can model theirs.

Just remember – you are trying to get people to engage. So use your text to invite them to engage: “What do you think? We'd love to hear your opinion!” “Bet you don’t know who this is…” “Do you recognize this person?” “Here’s an idea. Do you have any others?” 


Tip #7: Don’t be afraid to post videos you didn’t make

We all come across funny, interesting, cool videos our friends have posted on Facebook. Or, we find them when noodling around YouTube. There is nothing wrong with posting YouTube videos that others have made on your Facebook page, if they relate somehow to your business AND if you make it clear you didn’t make that particular video.

You don’t want to post videos made by your competitors, of course. But there are probably plenty of videos on YouTube that are interesting and speak to your industry generally.

Just make sure that you write something more than “Cool video – take a look.” Think about how to tie the video back to your company, in an authentic way. For example – “We found this video on YouTube and think it’s a pretty accurate description of what the end of a production cycle looks like. What do you think?”

Using YouTube videos made by others is one way to put more videos on your page. But beware – the danger in only posting videos made by others is that you’ll look like you don’t have anything to say about your company, your people, your customers, or your products. So if you decide to post videos made by others, make sure you also post videos made by you, and that videos you make are the majority of videos you post.


So there you have it – 7 more tips for making Facebook videos and using them effectively. If you have other tips, definitely tell us about them in the comments section.


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Social media marketing is a very effective tool to promote your brand. Video marketing is a great way to catch your viewers' attention as well. With these two techniques combined, your online marketing can be a great success. Excellent tips, thanks for sharing!
Posted @ Sunday, December 29, 2013 7:54 PM by Daisy Bono
It could take a lot of work before your video marketing efforts pay off but it's actually efficient since you are marketing for free (if you did not take advantage of those paid ads) and there's nowhere you can go but up -- or should I say sales.
Posted @ Sunday, January 26, 2014 9:55 PM by Digital Munch
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